Fresh Goods Gallery

William Fisch and Herman Malchow began producing breads in Alabama in 1901, starting with a single horse-and-wagon route and one retail bakeshop. Their business grew and flourished, and legend has it that in the company's early years, an award known as the MERIT-A, signifying highest merit, was conferred on some of its bakery goods. The company consistently won the award, proudly displaying the symbol "MERIT-A" on its packages. By mistake, a printer left out the hyphen and, thus, the name MERITA was born. In 1926, The American Bakeries Company opened one of the first industrial bakeries in the now Wynwood Norte neighborhood of Miami, Florida, where it operated until the late 1970s. There they produced and distributed Merita Bread, nourishing the neighborhood economically and gastronomically. Merita was known for the purity and quality of its raw materials, all the way through to the finished product.


In 1984, a group of artists  established the not-for-profit Bakehouse Art Complex and purchased the then-abandoned Art Deco-era bakery building and site. They converted the bread-making factory into a permanent and affordable working home for artists. Now, it is the largest and oldest artist-serving organization in Miami and recognized as an important center of art and cultural production. More than one hundred artists of diverse backgrounds comprise the Bakehouse community, where they make and exhibit art year-round.


In the spirit of Messrs. Fisch and Malchow before them, Bakehouse Art Complex: Fresh Goods Gallery launches this online Viewing Room and will regularly offer up fresh goods created by its community of artists.


Fresh Goods Gallery is committed to presenting works of the highest artistic merit, to nourish and stimulate the appetites of our viewers.