Drawn from Life

15 April 2021 - 31 March 2023

 Bakehouse Art Complex is proud to present Drawn from Life, an online curated sale of works by Rhea Leonard and Christina Pettersson, two artists who are part of the organization’s Studio Residency program. Featuring major examples from their figurative drawing practices, the sale highlights how the two artists draw from the real world to create imaginative artworks executed with extraordinary skill. 

  • Born and raised in Miami, Rhea Leonard explores the Black body and how society affects the Black psyche through her poignant figurative works. For the sale, the artist is showcasing two large-scale drawings that visualize the complex emotional terrain that Black Americans face in their day-to-day lives. Meticulously executed, her haunting illustrations shine a light on the Black experience in artistically innovative ways. 

  • Born in Stockholm and based in Miami, Christina Pettersson mines the history and environment of South Florida through drawings, videos, sculptural installations and group performances. For the sale, the artist is presenting two ambitiously-sized landscape drawings that capture the visceral beauty of nature. Depicting scenes both real and imagined in South Florida and Wyoming, the  illustrations depict the majesty and the macabre found in the natural world.