Donations from the Martin Z. Margulies Foundation To Benefit Bakehouse Art Complex

20 November 2020 - 4 November 2022

"I view the world of photography as an ongoing historical narrative," commented Martin Z. Margulies.  "...these photos of everyday subjects, ordinary people, places and things speak to me of the human condition, so touching and memorable. Categories don't matter, dates don't matter, and nationality doesn't matter; the subjects are timeless." 


Bakehouse Art Complex inaugurates Fresh Goods Gallery's first Viewing Room with a generous gift of 55 vintage and contemporary photographs from the esteemed collection of the Martin Z. Margulies FoundationIn accordance with the donor's intent, revenues generated from the sale will support the organization's charitable mission to address the critical need for affordable workspaces for Miami-based artists along with programs that create strong connectivity between Bakehouse, its artists, and the Wynwood Norte community in which we are embedded.


Internationally recognized Miami-based collector Martin Z. Margulies has built one of the world's most significant collections of modern and contemporary art. Within his vast holdings are an exceptional archive of approximately 5000 photographic works from the 1930s to today, acquired over approximately three decades. While the photography collection does not adhere nor attempt to be a complete history, its cadence and rhythm touch on the most important figures and movements. 


The strength and cohesiveness of Margulies' photography collection are represented in the groupings he donated to Bakehouse Art Complex. They are a cross section of images with ties to renowned historical precedents and emblematic of Margulies' interest in the human condition: empathetic portraits and a sensibility to the spaces we inhabit or invent.


The gifted works capture and reflect poignant portraits, scenes of regionalism, social realism, poverty, work conditions, visions of urban life, the vanishing rural landscape, and the everyday experience.


Bakehouse thanks Jeanie Ambrosio, Associate Curator, The Margulies Collection at the Warehouse, for her research and assistance with texts.