Ellie Schneiderman 1939-2020


Ellie was a pioneer in our arts community, and a friend to many artists. In the 1980’s, a pivotal time for our visual arts community, Ellie, a potter, noticed a lack of studio space in South Florida. She found the right spot in the then-abandoned store fronts and run-down buildings on Lincoln Road. Under Ellie’s visionary leadership, what was then ArtCenter/South Florida managed to buy several buildings, providing a dedicated space for the arts that has been credited with catalyzing the resurgence of Lincoln Road. Over the years, her work has provided hundreds of Miami’s visual artists with the affordable space they need to create and bring art to life.

In 2018, Oolite Arts created The Ellies, Miami’s Visual Arts Awards, to honor her legacy and her desire to “help artists to help themselves.”