James Herring


James Herring has been working in ceramics for over 40 years and has work in numerous collections. He has received several grants including the Knight Arts Challenge, NEA/SAF Individual Artist Grant, New Forms Florida as well as two from Art Matters. He has presented at Symposiums such as The Craft Museum: Ideals and Practice at The Renwick Gallery/Smithsonian Museum of American Art and the Collage Art Association. He holds an MA in Asian Studies where his focus was on the Japanese mingei movement and its influence on American ceramics. His BFA was in studio ceramics and he was an Artist-in-Residence at Penland School of Crafts.


Artist Statement: 

I create functional sculpture. Principals of beauty, community, use, intuition, and truth to materials guide my practice. Process is content. The development of form through working in a series and use of repetition as a tool in that inquiry allows for an intuitive process. Use or the functionality of my work is an important element of the measure of success. While visual presence is significant, of equal value is what the work conveys when handled, touched and used in daily life. A vase is not complete until it contains an arrangement, a teapot is not finished until it is activated by the brewing of the tea. The intimacy of functional items that can be interacted with, touched, held, and eaten from offer the opportunity for a transformative experience. My work is not designed, it is developed through this process. It isn't finished until someone uses it.