Peter Mitchell London, United Kingdom, b. 1943


Peter Mitchell’s photographs of Leeds are considered the first color photographs to be shown in Britain in the Impressions Gallery in York in 1978. Originally a truck driver making deliveries in the Leeds area, Mitchell decided to go back to certain areas of the town to photograph places that he missed. He attended Hornsey College of Art and continued to photograph the surrounding area of Leeds for forty years. He has published three monographs. This image, Mr. & Mrs. Hudson, Leeds (1974) is one of Mitchell’s most iconic photographs and was used for the cover of his Strangely Familiar book. His work has been written about by the renowned photographer Martin Parr and has appeared in publications such as The Financial Times and Le Monde.


His work has been exhibited at the Arles Photography festival in France, Impressions Gallery in York in 1978, and, nearly thirty years later, was included in major survey exhibitions throughout the UK, including at Tate Britain and Media Space in London and National Science and Media Museum in Bradford. His work is held in the permanent collections of the Royal Photographic Society and Leeds Art Gallery.